Get Quality Drive Shafts for Your Vehicle and Enjoy Safe Driving

There are many components that play an integral role in ultimate performance of a vehicle. Having these components inspected, repaired and replaced regularly is extremely crucial for safe and enjoyable driving.

A drive shaft is a mechanical rotating tube that can transfer torque from your vehicle’s transmission to its differential. This component is responsible for transferring a high amount of torque with twisting force and tremendous vibration. If you want to power your vehicle smoothly, you should look for light weight, durable and vibration-free drive shafts in Melbourne.
A1 Drive Shafts has been providing high quality, reconditioned drive shafts for vehicles of all makes and models at incredible prices. Whether your need a new shaft for your vehicle or want to repair the existing one, we can exceed your expectation in terms of service quality.To ensure optimal performance of a vehicle, each and every component should be in good condition. Even a small issue may spoil your driving experience and put your safety at risk. When you realise strong vibration or hear clunking noise, then your vehicle may require drive shafts repairs in Melbourne.

If you feel any complication when steering or hear any strange noise when driving, it is imperative to schedule an inspection with us. We will inspect the driveline and provide complete information on the essential repairs required to bring your vehicle back to the safe operating conditions.

Apart from drive shafts, Constant velocity or CV joints are also important components of front-wheel and all-wheel vehicles as they have the ability to transfer a constant velocity from the differential to the CV axle half shafts. When this component malfunctions, it results in CV axle failure and lost power transfer. If you experience any unnatural vibrations, clicks or clunks, we recommend bringing your vehicle to A1 Drive Shafts to repair CV joints and CV boots in Melbourne.

If your vehicle has any problem associated with tail shaft, then it is the perfect time to replace the component. We supply high quality, reconditioned tail shaft for all vehicles at the lowest prices. Though we have the expertise to provide tail shaft repairs, we recommend replacing it for your vehicle’s optimal performance.

At A1 Drive Shafts, we also supply power steering rack and power steering pump for your specific vehicle type. All our components are perfectly rebuild and tested to the highest standard, so you can be sure of enjoying safe driving.

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